Iskandar Malaysia Crisis Preparedness System for Community


1. Community Preparedness
Community as the primary victims will be the most affected groups with less access to communication and information systems using digital tools.
2. Smart System
Smart Disaster Management System is a system that helps frame issues related to disaster preparedness as well as physical, economic, and environmental recovery, especially for the local community. It demonstrates the smart element utility and modern capabilities for accessing and integrating disaster information.
3. Integrated Information
Integrated information products delivered in a timely manner have the potential to serve the needs of local, state, and federal officials; the public and private sectors; volunteers; and citizens who are responsible for disaster management or who are subject to disasters.


To develop a system by leveraging modern technologies & interfacing system for disaster/crisis management (pilot in flood crisis).
1. Spatial data and inventory to ease the process of managing communities during disaster/crisis and as a community preparedness.
2. Manage and monitor the potential risk disaster/crisis area via smart system analytic tools.
3. Reduce potential losses to victims and property with rapid recovery using the smart system.


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